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Author Topic: Ultimate Basics Tutorial  (Read 11921 times)

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Ultimate Basics Tutorial
« on: April 28, 2006, 04:27:30 PM »
Ultimate basics tutorial by ArchAngel

This tutorial is for beginners so it won’t touch on all subjects but just on the basics.

Getting Hammer

Hammer is what you'll be using to make your maps.  You can get Hammer by downloading the Source SDK  through Steam.  Once it's finished, launch the Source SDK and there should be an option to launch Hammer from there.

Setting up Hammer

First time when you open hammer by default its set to ‘3D Wireframe’. To change this you need to first open a map or create a new one. Then go to ‘View’ and click ‘3D Textured Polygons’.

We will need to manually include the ammo entities, along with the cameras. Download the attachment and place the file ‘source.fgd’ at this location: ‘SteamApps/SteamUsername/sourcesdk/bin’. Click ‘Tools’, ‘Options’ then click ‘Add’. Double click on the file ‘source.fgd’ OR select the file ‘source.fgd’ and click ‘Open’ (from the file browser). Lastly click ‘OK’ and restart Hammer.



While creating things within a 3 dimensional environment it is important to be able to view the objects from the top, side and front. The 3 axes that make up these views are X being horizontal or the width, Y being vertical or the height. Lastly Z being distance or depth.

It is important to understand each view holds its advantages. The top (X/ Y) allows you to resize the objects width or height from a birds eye view but doesn’t allow you to manipulate the depth. The front (Y/ Z) allows you to resize the objects height and width (being depth in this view) but not the actual width. The side allows you to resize the objects width and height (being depth in this view) but not the actual height.

You can tell which grids are what by hovering the mouse over the top left hand corner of the grid.


Tools bars

- Smaller Grid (hotkey: [): Makes the grid smaller.
- Larger Grid (hotkey: ]): Makes the grid larger.
- Carve object (hotkey: Ctrl+Shift+C): Carves the selected object into the object it is overlapping onto.
- Group (hotkey: Ctrl+G): Groups all selected objects together.
- Ungroup (hotkey: Ctrl+U): Ungroup the selected group.
- Run map (hotkey: F9): Compiles and runs the map.


- You’ll use this tool bar to select and browse for textures. When you browse for textures you can filter textures out by typing in key words.
- Translate to World (hotkey: Ctrl+W): This is used to translate a selected objects coordinates into the worlds coordinate system. You’ll need to use this sometimes before you ungroup a group.
- Tie to Entity (hotkey: Ctrl+T): Ties an entity to the selected object. For example you can tie the entities such as teleports to brushes. Normally all entities that can be tied to brushes start with trigger or func.
- You’ll use this tool bar when creating entities and brushes, both cases your select them from the categories.


- Selection Tool (hotkey: Shift+S): This tool will allow you to select multiple objects, rotate, shear and resize them. To run through those modes just click on your selection again.
- Entity Tool (hotkey: Shift+E): This tool allows you to create entities. For example create entities such as weapons or ammo.
- Block Tool (hotkey: Shift+B ): This tool allows you to create what most people call brushes or primitives. These include shapes such as blocks (squares), cylinders and spheres. Be warned the current texture will be applied to the brush you create.
- Toggle Texture (hotkey: Shift+A): This tool allows you to toggle textures, align and scale them. When toggling textures you can either select faces you wish to toggle by holding ‘Ctrl’ or to toggle directly onto a face right click.
- Apply Texture (hotkey: Shift+T): This tool applies the current texture to all the faces of the selected brushes.
- Clipping Tool (hotkey: Shift+X): This tool allows you to clip brushes. This either means clipping off a corner you wish to remove or separating the corner from the rest of the brush for example. You rotate through the modes by clicking on the clipping tool again after selection.


CS:S Entities



‘tools\toolsclip’ is used to block off areas from players.
‘tools\toolsplayerclip’ is used to block off areas from players but not npcs or grenades.
‘tools\toolsnodraw’ is used to not render a face of brush, making it invisible but it will still cast a shadow.
‘tools\toolsinvisible’ is used like no draw but won’t cast a shadow.
‘tools\toolstrigger’ is used to texture triggers.
‘tools\toolsskybox’ is used to create areas where the sky will be rendered.


Protecting Your Releases

Open the object properties for any entity within your map. Click ‘SmartEdit’ and add the keyvalue, no_decomp 1.

Also you can include this prefab into your map. Just open this prefab like you would do for any map, select all the brushes then just copy and paste it into your map. Don’t change any of the textures or positions of the brushes.



You should only be able to tell if you have a leak within your map if either you can’t see water, really bad FPS, the maps file size has ballooned, or in the compile window it says ***leaked***. Leaks are normally caused by entities being in the void (outside your map) or a gap within your map to the void.
In the compile window it will detail the location and entity that the leak is coming from or going to. To track this leak down go to ‘Map’, then click on ‘Load Pointfile’. This will create a red line showing you where the leak is.
If the problem were a gap to the void, it would draw the line leading from the void through the gap to an entity inside. If it’s a miss placed entity or its origin it’ll draw a line from this entity to your map. For the miss placed origin just select the entity that’s leaking, right click and click ‘Center Origins’.


Additional Information

- To hallow out a brush, select the brush and press Ctrl+H. That way you don’t need to go through the trouble of creating each wall for a box.
- To center an object within all the grids select the object and press Ctrl+E.
- To center an object in the camera view select the object and press Ctrl+Shift+E.
- To zoom at the exact same distance in each grid hold Ctrl while scrolling with your mouse.
- Env_cubemaps need to be placed around the level (16 units above) for proper rendering of reflective materials, such as water.
- When searching through the entities there is button within the object properties labelled ‘help’ that will have a short description of the entity and its key values (settings). You access the object properties by pressing Alt+Enter.
- While using the selection tool you can copy an object by holding Shift while dragging the object.
- A list of sky textures for your skybox: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Sky_list. To change the sky texture click on 'Map' then 'Properties'.
- Here is a link to an article about bullet penetration, it details the thickness required to stop bullets depending on different materials.
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« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2006, 04:30:43 PM »
Where is the attachment?

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Ultimate Basics Tutorial
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2006, 07:50:21 PM »
eh, sorry, must have forgotten about that when we lost surf source.  you can download the fgd here

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« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2006, 08:05:36 PM »

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Re: Ultimate Basics Tutorial
« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2009, 10:27:17 AM »
Hello everyone!

Also if i want to make a brush, which one i can't see but i can shot trough it,
have i got to make toolsplayerclip?

thnx for rply.
greez sali

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Re: Ultimate Basics Tutorial
« Reply #5 on: October 02, 2009, 06:58:51 PM »
but, havent become an answer?

i don't know who this?

These similarities can't be coincidental.

Also if i want to make a brush, which one i can't see but i can shot trough it,
have i got to make toolsplayerclip?

Use playerclip texture.
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