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Author Topic: VS4YOU.de [*UPDATE* 10000 FPS Server soon.]  (Read 2325 times)

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VS4YOU.de [*UPDATE* 10000 FPS Server soon.]
« on: January 24, 2010, 06:49:52 PM »
Hey guys,

I sell server of the hoster

VirtualServers 4 You. (www.vs4you.de)


Now i sell privat Slot Warserver. (Servers will come in a few days.)

And the best is....WITH 10000 FPS!

You donīt trust me?

If you want I will make a test at www.fpsmeter.org

But the maximum slots are 12 because then the fps arenīt over

Write me PM in Steam if you want an server.


If you want TeamSpeak3 or gameservers or
other servers you can buy it with an rebate code
of me.

Rebate code: grukle  (First 3 months you only pay 90 % of the full price.)

The server have perfect connection in Europe.

The server placed in the best data centre in

You have an Userfriendly Interface for your servers,
example Gameserver CSS:

-You can restart your server so much you want
-You can set the server to offline
-You can set your tickrate yourself (33. 66, 100)
-You can switch the vac off/on
-You can make a restart plan (Every day: 0:00-23:45)
-You can edit IN the interface the name of your server or RCON Pw or Server Pw.
-You can start your server with an selected map, example you set
  the map: surf_parrot_selecotr
  the server starts if you restart it with this map

-One click plugininstallation of following plugins:

  > CS:S Funmap Aimmap AWP Ladder
  > CS:S Funmap Ladder ALL
  > Deathmatch:CSS DM2.1.0 (Needs Metamod Source 1.7.1)
  > ESL-Configs
  > Eventscripts v1.5.0.171b
  > Eventscripts v2.0.0.248c Pub
  > Mani-Admin-Plugin 1.2 Beta
  > Metamod Source 1.7.1
  > zblock 4.4.0

More features:
-10 GB Mapspace
-Pingboost 2
-333-500 FPS
-Clan/Publicserver selectable
-Gameserver Traffic Flatrate
-Optimized Gameserver Kernel

More Products:

 > Counter-Strike: Source
  > Counter-Strike 1.6
  > Call Of Duty 4
  > Call Of Duty 2
  > Call Of Duty: United Offensive
  > Call Of Duty
  > Half-Life
  > Medal of Honor Allied Assault
  > RtCW:Enemy Territory


 >Disk Space: 1 to 30 GB
  >RAM: 256MB to 1024 MB
  >Choose of 7 Operating Systems
  >IP Adressess: 1 to 3


 >Make your own individual package
-Web Developement
Greetz, Lightning.
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Re: VS4YOU.de [10% Rebate Code]
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2010, 07:00:46 PM »
But if u really wanna see a screwed up map take a look at that greatriver awesome 1... freaked the shit out of me... its like a child molestation adventure.....