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Author Topic: SURF-MIXES.COM - Easy way to play competitive mixes on surf maps!  (Read 1589 times)

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SURF-MIXES.COM - Easy way to play competitive mixes on surf maps!

Before I explain anything watch this video, it explains most of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hadNnnggnNw

To sum it up:

Surf-Mixes.com is a website enabling people to find a competitive mix on a wide variety of surf maps. We save stats and are currently working on a rankings page for things such as highest kill/death ratio and other less serious ones like most fall damage taken.

We currently run 3 servers as there is little demand for more at this point in time. If more are needed, more will be provided.

I'm aware skillsurf mostly dominates this forum and most of you are die hard 66 tickrate fans but the majority of combat surf servers run 100 tick rate (or used to) so we also run 100 tickrate. If there is a demand for it we will provide a 66 tick server.

Getting started:

1) Make an account on the site. You will need your steam ID which you can find by typing 'status' in console. You only need the string of numbers that looks like this 'STEAM_0:1:18328711'. We need this so we can save stats and check you're actually in the lobby etc.

2) Activate your account. We have tested this on a variety of email providers so check your spam folders if it's not in your inbox. If the problem persists post on the forums.

3) Click Play Now and choose a lobby. If you are the first there you can pick the map and how many rounds you want to play.

4) Click connect to join the server

5) The game will automatically start when the correct amount of players are on the server

I've probably missed something sorry in advance :p

- Flame

(p.s. big hugs to wirelezz for posting this for me <3)

(p.s.s. we're aware cssmixes has already done this but I got a lot of requests for something like this for surf)